06 May 2014


WILL YOU USE YOUR LIGHTBOX from the beginning of the semester?

DIRECTIONS: Make 24+ photographs of flowers using the sites above as inspiration and instruction. You are allowed to make straight-forward flower photography, or you may be unexpectedly creative.
Have fun with this. :)

SUGGESTION: Open your aperture wide to blur the foreground and/or background, or simply to have a more interesting area of focus. Use the lightbox you made for the food photography.

Robert Mapplethorpe flowers (1946-1989). CLICK HERE.
Karl Blossfeldt (1864-1932) flowers. CLICK HERE.
Imogen Cunningham (1883-1976) flowers. CLICK HERE.
Ron Van Dongen. CLICK HERE.
Perhaps you'll find some here. CLICK HERE.
Paper flowers by Tiffanie Turner (This Is Colossal). CLICK HERE.

Andrew Zuckerman. CLICK HERE.
Andrew Zuckerman. CLICK HERE.

Frozen flower photographs. CLICK HERE.

Josh Kemp's photostream. CLICK HERE.

25 Flower tips. CLICK HERE.

Macro flower photography set up. CLICK HERE.

Backlight trick for still life photography. CLICK HERE.

Flower examples. CLICK HERE.

Shocking flowers. CLICK HERE.

Exploded flowers. CLICK HERE.

Fong Qi Wei's site. CLICK HERE.