04 May 2016

Thursday, May 5

Hi Photogs,

Please do the following today in class:
1. Work and complete (and post) any missing work you have yet to turn-in.
2. Complete and post any extra credit you may have.
3. Look through your photo projects from Photo 1.
4. Over the weekend, revisit that one project and RE-DO IT.
5. This "new" project should be a significant improvement on the project as it was done the first time.
6. This re-do needs to be comprised of at least 10 new photographs in line with the theme/style/methods of the project the first time around.
7. Bring the "new" project to class on Monday.

Today, once you have decided on which project you will revisit:
1. Use remaining class time to CREATIVELY DEVELOP THREE IMAGES YOU ALREADY HAVE (from previous projects).
2. You may develop them in any way we have learned, and in any way you may discover today.
3. Post all three images to your blog, and list the TOOLS, FILTERS, ADJUSTMENTS you have used as a caption under each photograph (I want to be able to read the process by which you have developed each image).
4. Yes, this is completely open to your creativity, so my expectation is that you EXPLORE Photoshop and discover things you have not yet found.

Simple as that.

Thank you for your work. I'm sorry I'm out sick today.