25 February 2016

INQUIRY #9: “View in the Field, on the west side of Hagerstown road, after the Battle of Antietam."

1. Post the photograph from title above.
2. Who made the photograph? (Post a photo of the man and caption it with his name).
3. Who was his employer? (Post a photo of the man and caption it with his name).
4. What was the date the photo was made, and what depicted in the photo?

Bonus: In what way were the photos made on this day significant to society as a whole?

PROJECT #5: SHADOW PLAY - Exaggerate and dramatize the shadow.

1. Make 15+ photos of exaggerated &/or dramatic shadow.

NOTE: It is OK not to have the actual object/person in fully in the composition.

2. Develop to B/W, and adjust EXPOSURE/BRIGHT/CONTRAST as necessary.
3. Post 15+ to your blog.

An additional 15+ exaggerated &/or dramatic shadow for Monday, Feb. 29, 2016.



Inspiration link. CLICK HERE.

23 February 2016


1.  Go to this link (CLICK HERE).
2.  Her photography style was characterized by...(what, specifically?)
3.  When did she live and die?
4.  Post an image she made, and explain what you like about it (this is purely subjective).
5.  How long did her work "languish in obscurity" before being considered important to the history of photography?