29 May 2014


For your final:

1. Spend some time reviewing your photography portfolio - including your work in Photo 1.

2. Ask yourself some basic questions about your photography:
       A. What excites you about photography?
       B. What do you want to explore more of?
       C. What challenges you?
       D. Is there something you haven't done that you would like to do?
       E. Are there ideas you have seen (online, or?) that you would like to attempt?

3. After you have given this process some time, decide what you will photograph for your final work.

4. This final work may be one highly Photoshopped image, or many straight photography images, or maybe be somewhere between those two ends of the photography spectrum.

5. Your final self-chosen work will be presented on the final class period along with your photo essay,  passage of time project, and any other work that you  have yet to present.