08 September 2016

PROJ #1: (dramatic/distinct) LIGHT & SHADOW

HW: 20+ photographs of distinct & dramatic LIGHT and SHADOW in your daily life over the next four days.

-Approach the project as a “street” photography assignment.
-Use the RULE OF THIRDS compositional tool
-Place the LIGHT OR SHADOW you want to be the main focal point in one of the intersections.

-Identify the direction of your light source.
-Place your main subject matter in an intersection of the rule of thirds.
-Magic hour?


These four questions will help me understand your perception and beliefs about photography, and in turn, help me educate you.

1. How would you describe photography to someone who didn't know what it was?
2. How is photography used in our world? What purpose does it serve?
3. What about photography inspired you to return for Photo 2?
4. List one thing that you would like to do this semester.

and one more question...just because we can...
5. If you were put on a desert island with only three songs/artists/albums to listen to for the rest of your days, what would they be?