22 September 2016


Steve McCurry

Reply with two questions from each category on the Reading Photographs w/s.

PROJ#6: Unidentifiable Terrestrial Objects (Mystery Macro)

Make 10+ photographs of things.
Photograph these things in such a way that when we see the image we (the viewer) cannot identify the thing.

Develop and post these photos.

Title the post “Unidentifiable Terrestrial Objects/Mystery Macro”

HW: Make 10+ more images, and bring to next class. 

20 September 2016

PROJ#5: OUT OF FOCUS FOREGROUND FRAMING (Photos w/depth of field)

1. Put your camera into APERTURE mode.
2. Set your aperture as WIDE as it will go (meaning: small f-stop number)

-adjust your ISO & SHUTTER speed as necessary for the correct EXPOSURE.

3. Make your photo with something in the foreground that is out of focus. We should feel as if we are looking through/past something -- to what you have told us (through focus) is your main subject matter.

4. HW: Make 15+ images for next class

Be mindful of composition (rule of thirds, leading lines, etc.)

Here is a site for reference. CLICK HERE.
Here is a site for reference. CLICK HERE.