03 March 2016

FRIDAY, MARCH 4 - - To-Do's for the class.

Hi Photogs,

I am sorry to be out today.

Here is what you are to do today:

1. Develop/Post-process your night light photographs. The developing can include B/W, cross-process, photo filter, tinting, and all the options in the IMAGE+ADJUSTMENTS menu.

2. Post all photographs to your blog.

3. Photograph 8+ shadow & light photographs for next Tuesday, March 8.

I'm really looking forward to seeing your work. The last group of photographs you posted were good.
That makes me happy.

Have a safe & restful weekend.

See you Tuesday,

02 March 2016

INQUIRY #11: Carte de visite

1. What was it?
2. Who "invented" it?
3. What was it used for?
4. Post a couple examples of the carte de visite.

29 February 2016

INQUIRY #10: Eadweard Muybridge

1. Post a well-known image by Muybridge.
2. What was he studying through photography?
3. In terms of the set-up of his camera system, how did he make his photographs?
4. In what decade did he make these images?