11 April 2017

LOOK: Jan Groover (1943-2012)

Jan Groover. CLICK HERE.

PROJ#10.C: STILL LIFE (Reinvented By You)

DIRECTIONS: Using your lightbox set up, reinvent the "still life" in your own way. Of course, vary the placement of your lights to create distinctly different images.

Incorporate the three of the following - in some way - into a total of 12 photographs:
1. Something(s) frozen in ice.
2. Food coloring & water.
3. Something refracted through water/glass.
4. Cut/bent/folded paper (to create abstract light & shadow).
5. Multiple glasses/bowls.
6. Flowers.

10 April 2017

LOOK: Stephanie Gonot

Stephanie Gonot. CLICK HERE.


The Atlantic. CLICK HERE.

1. Go to the link above.
2. First, look through the photos without reading the captions.
3. Choose three "Reading a Photo" questions.
4. Grab your most moving/interesting photo & post the image to your blog.
5. Caption the photo with appropriate accreditation.
6. Write your responses under the photo in your post.
7. Title the post "READING A PHOTO #4" & publish.

*This is worth 4 points, and will be combined with your "March Classwork" score in Synergy.