16 March 2017

IN-CLASS: REWRITING HISTORY (Photoshop skill building)

1. Choose two (or more) historic photos from the links below. (save the largest resolution)
2. Make photos of yourself in a way that your body language/position will fit/make sense in the historic photo.
3. Using the ADJUSTMENTS functions to match tone and color, & BURN/DODGE, etc. tools to further adjust the image or yourself, put yourself in the photo.
4. Post TWO or more of the images in a post titled "REWRITING HISTORY."

Library of Congress. CLICK HERE.
Old Picture. CLICK HERE.
Distractify. CLICK HERE.
Weegee (Arthur Fellig) photos. CLICK HERE.
Historic photos site search. CLICK HERE.

An interesting article about doing this for deeper meaning. CLICK HERE.

13 March 2017

PROJ#8: Quick(?) Self-Portrait Diptychs

Using your present frame of mind, and accessing your creativity quickly, make a handful of self-portrait images that can be put together into 1-3 diptychs by the end of class.

1. One image must include you.
2. One image must represent you in some way.
    *Both images might have you in it.
3. Put images together on the template canvas we made at the beginning of class.
4. Crop out any empty canvas space.
5. Post 1-3 to your blog by the end of class.

NOTE: If you're tired, happy, irritable, angry, optimistic, apathetic, energized, content, feeling off...use it.

HW: For next class, make the same type of photos for assembling into diptychs. 1-3 off campus/non-school time images.