22 May 2014

PROJECT #11: PHOTO ESSAY (A quick weekend story telling project)

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1. Think about what is within your orbit this weekend.
2. What are you passionate about?
3. Do you want to tell a straight-forward chronological story, or do you want to tell a "story" of an event/occasion's happening through non-chronological images.
4.  Make a shot list so that when you pick up your camera you have a vision for the images you want to make.  It's good to photograph what happens as it does, but you can also prepare by envisioning shots that you'd like to get.

To Include:
1. a close-up shot of a detail in your subject.
2. a wide angle shot to give an overview of the environment.
3. a portrait of a key player in your event/subject.

A Visual Paragraph:
Think about what your final five photos will look like, and in what order. It may help you to consider your photos a set of five paragraphs: an introductory paragraph, three supporting details paragraphs, and a summary/concluding paragraph.

...Now, you'll put 5 photos together to tell the story.