22 April 2015

PROJECT #12: Pick-A-Somethng


DIRECTIONS: Pick something - ANYTHING - and make a collection of photos representing it in as creative and unexpected ways possible. For instance, pick a color and go all day photographing only red things, or try only getting pictures of things that are square, or hand gestures, or interestingly shaped shadows, people with glasses, buttons on backpacks/bags, or...
You choose your subject. Pick something that NO OTHER member of the class is photographing. Yes, you need to spend some time during class today checking with other photographers about their ideas to make sure you are not repeating an idea.
Make photographs for the next 48 hours, and bring them to class on Friday.
0-10 photographs = D (meh.)
11-20 photographs = C (Alright)
21-30 photographs = B (Good)
31+ photographs = A (YES!)

NOTE: You are not to take all your photographs in one setting. The spirit of the project is that you will cary your camera with you for 48 hours, observe the world around you, and photograph as you go. Unfortunately, if your photographs appear as if from one setting/time, you will be asked to do the project again. :) 

The upside of this project is that it, once again, it gets you to start seeing ordinary things in different way – taking a snapshot looking down at everyone’s shoes is going to start to get boring, so it forces you to start thinking creatively. The downside of this project is that people are going to start giving you weird looks for crawling around on the ground taking pictures of shoes while everyone else is enjoying hamburgers and potato salad.