08 February 2016

INQUIRY #3: ...the world's first self-portrait.

Title your post: "________________  And The World's First Self Portrait."

Do a search for the world's first self portrait. 

In The post:

1. The year this self portrait was made.
2. How long was the exposure time?
3. What did the photographer hobby in before becoming a "photographer?"
Extra Credit: Why is this noteworthy?

4. The photograph wasn't actually called "photograph." It was a type of image that had recently been invented. It was called a  "d____________?"
5. In what city was this "selfie" made?
6. What was written on the back of the image?
7. Why did the photographer quit the photography business?
8. How old was the photographer at the time of death?
9. If the photographer were to have #hashtagged it and posted to Instagram, what would the "#hashtag/#hashtags" have been?  📱💻