29 April 2016


"Some of us use selfies as a vain form of self-expression, trying to make ourselves look richer, happier or more beautiful than we really are. Finnish photographer Iiu Susiraja, however, turns this concept of the selfie on its head by taking brutally honest, surreal and unflinchingly funny self-portraits using her own body and other objects as props.
Posing, creating a fashion-conscious and outgoing image is the modern person’s catechism,” an art critic writes on Susiraja’s website. “Susiraja turns this ideology of success upside down and laughs as she does it.(via BoredPanda)


‘I photograph me because it is the subject I certainly know the best. I make object of myself and my privacy, which is a moment of fame. To turn the privacy as a public is a shelter for me. I feel privacy very painful. When I have been spoken about my art I have mentioned words: the documentation of emotions. My art it is like a playful anarchism with equipment and the rituals of taking back the power. Everyday life is my muse’.

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