15 November 2016

Developing & Posting "Dreams"

1. B/W or color.
2. Developed using exposure, curves, brightness, contrast, etc. (what else you do is up to you, but keep in mind it should enhance your dream story)

1. Title your dream/story.
2. Place the title at the top of the post as a "HEADING."
3. Place the images in the post from first to last (as they would be in the story/dream).
4. Caption each photo with something other than the title of the dream.
5. Under each photo, describe what your intent was for making the photo as you did. (i.e. explain symbolism, meaning, thoughts, how it ties in to the overall dream, etc.).
6. Write this as a paragraph or two using pronouns "I", "my dream is...", etc.

STUDIUM: (The symbolic meaning and interest in a photo) Denotes the cultural, linguistic, and political interpretation of a photograph. Basically, it is the element that creates interest in a photographic image. It shows the intention of the photographer. We experience this intention in reverse because we're the viewer. We are charged with having to find the meaning. The photographer thinks of the idea/intent, and we as the viewers act in the opposite way, interpreting the photograph and attempting to figure out meaning.

PUNCTUM: (The object or thing that stands out in a photo) Denotes the personally touching detail which establishes a direct relationship with the object or person within it. Essentially, it is a small detail that jumps out at the viewer as special and important.