23 January 2017

FINAL: The Photographic Triptych.

A triptych is a paneled art work of three different, but related, images that are presented as one piece. The triptych is intended to tell a story, provide a visual definition of something, and/or give us details. You will be choosing subject matter to photograph and assemble into triptychs.

1. Choose one of each of the following that you have access to:

- A person.
- An "object."
- A place.
- An idea or activity.

2. Photograph each of the above with the intent that you will use three of your photos to assemble into a triptych for each.

Note: Each final triptych needs to be made up of THREE distinctly different images. (Meaning: the final triptych is not just one image cut into three parts.
Not this:

3. Email H with the following in your email:
Subject line is YOUR FULL NAME.

Body of email:


4. Bring ONE group of photos in each day for the next four class periods.

5. In the end, you will be assembling FOUR triptychs.