07 June 2017



PART ONE: Writing about THEIR photo essay.
1. Spend 15-20 min looking and reading through each of the photo essays in the class (on blogs).
2. Choose one of the photo essays to critique.
3. Look at their photographs and read their captions/statement(s) again.
4. Go to the "Reading Photographs" questions (CLICK HERE). When you choose your questions, adapt them to/for viewing the photo essays. The subject/verb agreement might be off a bit because you are viewing groups of photos rather than single images. 
5. Choose two/three questions from each section that you will use as the basis of your inquiry/examination of their photo essay.

6. Address an email to me (TuHSHohman@gmail.com)
7. Put YOUR FULL name in the subject line.
8. In the body of the email, copy and paste the link to the photo essay you are critiquing. write to me the inquiry/examination that you conduct based on the questions you have chosen.

9. This inquiry/examination is the time for you to be discerning and questioning. Your writing to me should be of a length that shows you have critically viewed the photo essay. You should pose questions, offer solutions, and determine ways with which the photographer could improve on their story/idea. The photographer you critique will NOT be made aware of your inquiry/examination.

PART TWO: Writing about YOUR photo essay. 
1. Go to your own photo essay.

2. Examine your work with a critical eye, and explain what you would now do to improve your final story/idea if you were to do the same thing again. What is missing? What could be edited out? What part of your story did you NOT tell? Etc. Be self-examining and critical without being cutting and derogatory. This is not a moment for you to beat yourself up, but rather to take your ego out of the mix and look for areas of improvement.