16 May 2017


TO-DO by FRIDAY (end of class):

1. Photograph, edit, and post the paper PHOTOGRAM prints. Title the post "Photograms."
2. Photograph, edit and post the paper 35mm PRINTS.  Title the post "35mm PRINTS."
3. Make one or two 8x10in prints in the darkroom.
4. Make one or two double exposure prints in the darkroom (sandwich negatives).

5. Photo essay prep:

a. Put all your images in your folder (within the "Photo Essay-1" folder) on the server.
b. Go to the ongoing link - types of images for photo essay.  Review the types of images needed for your essay.
c. Peruse your photos for two/three images for each of the categories.
d. Create a post titled "Editing Essay Images."
e. In the post, put two/three images for each category. Post them in the order they are in the list, and clearly label each type with a "heading" font.
f. Publish post. 

*Review the TOPIC RUBRIC here. 

Next up: Captions for each photo.