18 May 2017

PROJECT #11: Golden Hour Portraits(+)

OUR FORECAST (Apparently, the sun still exists):  

Sunrise & sunset times are HERE. (CLICK HERE).

BLUE HOUR: The hour* before sunrise and after sunset.
GOLDEN HOUR: The hour* after sunrise and before sunset.

*Depending on where you are on Earth, the hour will be longer or shorter than an actual 'hour.' 

10 REASONS to shoot portraits during golden hour. CLICK HERE.
Golden hour photography explained. CLICK HERE.

For next class, bring back FIFTEEN+ images that you make during the magic hour over the next few days.

- 1/2 of the photographs need to be portraits.
- The other 1/2 can be subject of your own choosing.
- In addition, compose your photographs in the rule of thirds.

The rationale and objective for this set of photographs is to have you observe and record the type of light that occurs during the "magic hour." 

Extra credit earned for morning magic hour photographs (for obvious reasons :)

CLICK HERE for a link to portraits using natural light (perfect for golden hour).
A bit more about times and light. CLICK HERE.


There are apps to find the hour(s) in your location:

Wiki definition. CLICK HERE.
A few tips. CLICK HERE.
Golden hour tips. CLICK HERE.
A good link. CLICK HERE.